Naples Sea Lab Week Six


Week 6) July 17th to 21st – Turtles

Looking for a fun and educational summer day camp for your kids? Look no further than our Marine Biology Summer Day Camp in Naples, Florida! Our campers will spend an entire week learning about varieties of sea turtles through a variety of engaging games and activities led by passionate marine biology experts.

From hands-on exploration of marine life to interactive exhibits and educational programs, our day camp provides a unique opportunity for young learners to expand their knowledge of marine biology in a fun and engaging way.

With a focus on different species of sea turtles, campers will gain an understanding of these fascinating creatures and their importance in our ecosystem. Give your child an unforgettable summer experience they will always cherish by enrolling them in Naples Sea Lab 2023, today!


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Looking for an exciting and educational day camp experience for your kids? Look no further than Marine Science Institute’s (MSI) Naples Sea Lab!

With hands-on activities, immersive exhibits, and educational programs led by passionate experts, MSI offers a unique opportunity for young learners to explore and learn about the ocean and its inhabitants.

Our day camps are designed to provide an unforgettable marine education experience for children, where they can expand their knowledge of marine life, conservation, and research.

Whether your child is interested in marine biology or just loves learning about the ocean, MSI’s day camps offer a fun and engaging way for kids to spend their summer. Each week has a specific focus such as whales, dolphins, sharks, turtles, seals and manatees. Come join us this summer!


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