Enhydra Safety Information

Safety on Enhydra

The crew of the Enhydra considers passenger safety their primary concern. We have assembled this fact sheet to provide you with relevant safety information.

The Enhydra is a USCG-inspected vessel. As such, she must pass a rigorous examination. The last inspection took place on September 24, 2019 (approval document attached); this included the USCG-updated process of inspection specific to overnight passengers that was instituted since the fire aboard Conception.

The Ship

  • Smoking is prohibited throughout the ship

  • Each customer room is equipped with an individual smoke detector

  • All passenger rooms are above the waterline

  • Emergency evacuation exits are on each end of the vessel’s two floors. Wide staircases exist on both ends of the ship allowing easy movement between the two levels

  • The Enhydra is equipped with USCG regulation life-saving equipment:  life preservers, life floats and ring buoys

  • The vessel is equipped with a public address system and an emergency signal that reaches all areas of the ship

  • The vessel carries all mandated safety flares as well as two VHF radios available to summon help in emergencies

  • Our crew is trained monthly on all USCG regulation drills:  fire, man overboard, abandon ship

Fire suppression systems

  • The Enhydra maintains a wet chemical fire suppression system dedicated to the galley.

  • 17 fire extinguishers are stationed throughout the ship.

  • Four fire hose stations, driven by both a main or auxiliary water pump, are available to suppress fires.

  • The Engine Room is equipped with a CO2 system as well as a heavy steel fire door.

Night watch

We maintain an active watch throughout the night conducted by the Captain, 1st Mate and trained deckhands whenever passengers are aboard.  Each crew member assumes a 2-hour watch and patrol. Our night-watch protocol includes:

  • Crew member stationed on the bridge with constant oversight of the anchor as well as monitoring nearby anchored ships for collision avoidance

  • Active patrol and observation of the ship, its various systems and customer rooms every 30 minutes

  • Engine room check, including monitoring the active generator and logging pertinent data. Anything out of the ordinary is reported to the 1st Mate immediately

  • A specific night watch duty is not complete until the crew member of the following watch reports to the bridge, debriefs the prior watch, and assumes his/her watch

  • The Captain and 1st Mate are accessible throughout the night watch for questions or concerns

The Enhydra is a COI Coast Guard inspected vessel therefore the boat has regular yearly inspections.