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Building World Changers Since 1997.

“MSI is providing an exceptional experience for kids.  The hands on experiential education is super meanifngul and well done.  The inspirational integration is such an awesome aspect of the camp.  Your staff are rock stars and they work well with the kids.  We are super grateful for your staff and for the heart of what you do.”

Teacher: Mr. Knoles
(Providence School)


Green & Wild Eco-Tours

Come enjoy an adventure with our marine naturalist staff!

Enjoy reconnecting with nature during a guided eco-tour while hiking, snorkeling or kayaking at a remote cove on Catalina Island.

For our land lovers, Whites Landing is the second largest canyon on the island and one of the best spots to encounter native plants and animals. Hiking trails often avail face to face experiences with deer, the endemic Catalina Island fox and even bison!

It’s not uncommon to see a variety of marine mammals, Golden Eagles, Bald Eagles or Great Blue Heron while hiking and kayaking along the coast.

Choose from the following tour packages...

Snorkeling Tours:
2 Hrs: $47 register
4 hrs: $84 register

Adventure Eco Hike:
2 Hrs: $29 register
4 Hrs: $44 register
6 Hrs (includes lunch): $77 register

Pre-Order Your Meals Here:

Lunch: $15 purchase
Dinner: $20 purchase

Kayak Tours:
2 Hrs: $47 register
4 Hrs: $79 register

Kayak Snorkel Tours:
4 Hrs: $90 register

Transportation To/From Whites Landing

The Journey To And From Whites Landing Is A Unique Part Of The Experience!

Please note times vary depending on season. Transportation will either be by boat or car.

Our transportation team will reach out to you prior to your arrival to organize pick up times.  Our team will pick you up at the picnic bench adjacent to float number 5 near the Catalina Express terminal. The mode of transportation will be selected based on group size or nature/nautical conditions. After purchase of our shuttle service, please send a message with you invoice number through your hospitality booking platform (AirBnb or HipCamp).

Round Trip Cost (for every 2 people): $80