Catalina Island’s Only Floating Sea Camp!

Program Overview:

We are proud to offer your class this one-of-a-kind educational adventure on board our 112′ foot floating sea camp! The Enhydra is a US Coast Guard certified vessel, ready for 149 day passengers and 42 overnight passengers. This provides your class with the perfect exclusive location for a marine science experience that is bound to change the way they think about natural sciences forever!

Our program focuses on hands-on experience oriented activities, meant to reinforce the scientific method and impart a personal appreciation and love for the environment.

Living on board the Enhydra is a unique opportunity to bring your class closer together, as you explore the very best of Catalina Island and enjoy snorkeling, kayaking, hiking and lots of other educational and exciting outdoor activities! Each activity has an educational lecture before hand to prepare the students for what they are about to see and therefore greatly enrich their overall experience!

Program Benefits:

  • Hands-on marine science activities that reinforce an understanding of the scientific method.
  • Imparts a personal love and appreciation for the marine environment and natural sciences in the heart of every participant.
  • Students learn to keep a field journal and participate in actual field research.
  • Live on board a fully equipped floating marine lab, with nineteen state rooms each with their own private facilities.
  • Activities like snorkeling and kayaking build character and improve self esteem.

Highlight #1:

Live On Board A Marine Research Vessel

The Enhdyra is our 112 foot long floating sea camp, fully equipped for an educational adventure to Catalina Island that will open your students eyes to the awesome wonders of marine science! Enjoy exclusive access to the entire ship for just your group. With 19 comfortable state rooms (each with their own private facilities) and a professional galley, the Enhydra serves as your floating classroom, science camp and home away from home, all in one!

Highlight #2:

Engage In Hands-On Field Science Activities!

Every activity is designed to teach students how to think like scientists. Each participant keeps a field journal and learns to apply the scientific method to their data analysis at the end of each activity. A short lecture before each program activity gives students the opportunity to learn fun facts about the environment they are about to visit and the species they may encounter, this makes the actual activity incredibly more exciting and educational.

Highlight #3:

A World Class Educational Experience!

There is nothing like an educational adventure to Catalina Island. Your students are immediately placed at the edge of their comfort zones and given the chance to develop various aspects of themselves. Activities such as swimming in the ocean, snorkeling and kayaking – all challenge students to break their fears, overcome previous resistance and improve their self image as they discover that they can achieve greater heights than they had previously thought possible.


  • Can comfortably house, feed and entertain 40 persons.
  • Fully equipped galley with professional catering.
  • Dining area which also serves as a classroom between meals.
  • Multiple outdoor decks for viewing, gathering and participating in program activities.
  • State rooms each provide beds with under bed storage and an upright cabinet and a private bathroom with shower. The cabin layout is 18 with two bunks, 2 with four bunks, and 2 with single berths.